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Poms at the F1

Yes, I did say F1. No, I've never really had any interest in cars racing around the same track again and again and again and ag... But, as the other three were going I thought I may as well check it out, and actually really enjoyed myself! While I still wouldn't care enough to watch it on TV, being next to the track as they're racing around was a great experience. I'm sure it helped that we had lovely weather for it, and also that I was with people with F1 knowledge.


As well as the race, there was lots more going on all around Albert Park, which you can see in the first photo from the Skydeck on my previous entry (it's the big lake in the middle of the view). There was a demonstration by the Aussie Red Arrow equivalents and a fly-by from a Qantas A380 as the event is sponsored by Qantas.


After the race, they allow everyone on the track, so of course we had to get a picture of that!


Sadly, that marks the end of my time with Nick and Kate (and Neil for the moment at least). They're taking a road trip up to Brisbane via the Blue Mountains to do more star gazing and so Nick can do some awesome time-lapse night photography. I, on the other hand, am heading off on my trip to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road, so I'm hoping to get some great pictures myself, although they'll be in daylight!

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